Fast, healthy, cheap: pick two

All too often foods that are convenient and healthy are prohibitively expensive, and foods that are fast and cheap are of questionable quality. With a little advance planning and a couple of hours dedicated to meal prep per week, however, you can get around this issue by making your own healthy convenience meals for a reasonable price.

Pro-tip: some of these recipes can be scaled up, allowing you to freeze single portions for future use.

Note that each of these sample meal prep recipes is listed because it confirms to something known as the Auto-Immune Protocol diet (this was a special request made by Brooke). The “AIP” is like a super strict version of the paleo diet that aims to limit foods that commonly trigger allergies or otherwise flare the immune system (no eggs, no nuts or legumes, no soy products, no dairy, no nada). More information about how/why this might be helpful to some people can be found here, or, through a simple google search.