About the Author

SJ Zanolini, L.Ac.

Hi, my name is SJ Zanolini, and I’ve worked as a Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of East Asian herbal medicine since 2012 in California, Colorado, and now Maryland. I’ve moved a lot because since 2014 I’ve also been deeply involved in studying modern and classical Chinese in an effort to better understand Chinese medicine. I earned my undergraduate degree in History from UC Berkeley, which partly explains my passion for studying texts in their original historical and also, if possible, social contexts. It helps that the Chinese language is just really, incredibly cool.

To that end, I earned my M.A. in Classical Chinese Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2018, writing a thesis on a set of excavated Tang dynasty medical texts under the guidance of Prof. Terry Kleeman. I began my Ph.D. in the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School in the same year, working with Profs. Marta Hanson and Tobie Meyer-Fong. For more information about my current research, or my CV, please contact me by email.