I’m glad you found your way to this page – thank you for being a part of my community. I made this site as a permanent resource for the kind of health and nutritional advice I’m routinely asked for by family, friends, and patients. I hope it will allow you to more easily share my knowledge with your own network of loved ones.

Most of the content here is written up from my own experience after 7 years practicing East Asian medicine, and 12 years of studying the body from both Eastern and Western medical perspectives. Although my recommendations primarily stem from East Asian traditions, we live in a biomedically dominated world. So when appropriate I also offer western nutritional, herbal, and referral information. The information here is never meant to supplant regular medical advice and therapy. It is intended only to offer you enough tools for living well that you’ll have less need of direct medical intervention.

If you’d like to read more about anything I write here that I haven’t explicitly cited a source for, please ask! I can be reached at: chrysanthemumandgoji at gmail dot com